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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Final Pics

Here are some final pics of the 3 3" Dunny's that I just completed. I had been working on these guys for a while. I think they might have been like...uh, a year late...hahaha, Sorry Eric. But those of you who know me and have had a commission made know that I'm not just fucking around over here. I'm slowly crafting your custom into something special and that takes time. Hopefully you know what you got yourself into and are comfortable with the wait. That said, here are the 3 little guys:

Hellboy, Leonidas and Voldemort. Hellboy was the first figure that I used that back of the head as the front, Leonidas had all the frills you could imagine and had to make his arms slightly longer and change the angle of the grip so he could hold the weapons and not interfere too much with the helmet and cape. And Voldemort was the first figure I've ever made were both arms are totally static. And I think his drapery is more detailed in sculpt than anything else I've ever done. Couple pics that I posted no where else.

Kickstarter stuff is on hold for a while. I need to marinate on that still

I've got a whole set of Harry Potter Mini Munny's coming up at the end of the month so more HP on the way. 

Have recently got some new AWESOME commissions including my first Star Wars Dunny's, some more realistic portrait pieces that will also probably have some dynamic poses like Voldemort in Legends of Boxing, and other great stuff like the Rocketeer, Mad Max and a few other original design things that will hopefully turn out great. 

Right behind these guys are some other things that have been in queue for a long while:

Adventure Time is just waiting on boxes.
Desert Punk is close to being done — just needs a little sewing and a little more paint.
A young Bob Marley complete with sculpted dreads.
The 8" 4 armed Kraken sculpt is about done and can't wait to get to the paint.
The 2 Star Fox mini's are done but their weapons are super intricate and will hopefully be done soon.
Dragon King needs a little something else that I'm not sure about yet.
Perseus is done except the paint app on his sword and shield.
Medusa needs some more detailing.
The U-Boat 8" still needs most of it's inner structure done.
And the Chuckboy Mutation is still in the old noggen. Gotta sort out the concept behind him still.

And that doesn't even cover SDCC... Skerpent is looking dope, and I still need to start the sculpt for Raydun, a custom sculpt based on the Jumbo Machinder Raydeen. I need to put together a custom box and book for a good friend of ours that will be at comic con, I have 4 Doctor Who box heads to complete, AND there is a possibility that my friend Stephen is gonna get a HUGE 12 suit commission from a guy in Spain and if that happens I will probably be painting 6 complete suits and that'll solidify the "do whatever I want" mentality at comic con as a pretty sweet pay day.

So much to do, still 3 months to go, but there really is NEVER enough time.

oh yeah, not to mention the Headless Horseman campaign. I really want to get that done before SDCC too so I might have a talking point with the KR people. Who wants to intern for me for free for the next 3 months???

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