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Monday, August 15, 2011

Commissions A'Plenty

So no new pics for now. My camera battery was totally dead while I was working last night but I''' have some new snaps later today or tomorrow. I've got a crap load of great commissions lined up for probably the next year. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to be working on all of these. I rarely turn down projects but it seems like the toy community has a ton of common ground so I can relate to almost everything that comes my way. Anyway...this is a vague run down of what I have lined up:

1 Coarse Jaws
1 Coarse Paw
4 - 3A Dropcloths
2 - 3A Squares
2 - 3A Bambas
2 - wwrp Armstrongs
2 - 8" Dunny's
15 - 3" Dunny's
1 - 10" MAD-L
7 - Munnyworld figures (munny, trikky, etc)
1 Thor V2 resin figure by Plastic Booty

And I have 4–5 custom bot builds I'm working on for the 3A custom show in November in San Francisco. As well as 4 wwrp Brambles that I'm working on for a personal project. Oh yeah... and Most Wanted 3. Shit....I'm swimming in it folks.

Things that will be shipping this week:

-Chuckboy +Mutation
-A certain package to Down Under
-4 Suits + Mutation
-Bic Buddy
- Hopefully Donatello pending the completion of video
- ODB's blunt and card

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