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Friday, August 12, 2011

1 More Ichabod Variant

So as some of you know I do not make AP's of my MW Dunny's. I personally think it dilutes the already existing pieces because c'mon....they're exactly the same. So what I did for some of my most loyal fans was make some variants and sent them out as gifts. People that already had the original got a new head that was a new sculpt and was cast in clear resin and dyed orange. I still need to finish the last few of the resin head versions to send out, but I did manage to finish this 1 in time to go out with a few other pieces to the same person. This was the master for the resin head, so this is a 1 of a kind Ichabod variant. Hope you like him.

I've casually been calling him Ichabod Skellington.

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