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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Resin Horseman Heads

All the Headless Horseman orders have been shipped unless I have spoken to you otherwise. I think they came out great and typical for me it took much longer than anticipated because basically every one was different and unique and I insisted on making different packaging from the un-numbered heads I was giving away at Comic Con…but I think you all will like what you get. Quite a spectrum here:

I will have a few things to put in the store soon including a body or 2 and perhaps a complete figure with painted head like the original scheme. Whenever I finish those I will put em up in the store and just leave em tip someone grabs it and will be ready to ship asap. And the problem with the heads right now is unless Kidrobot produces the figure most of you who don't already have a body won't ever get one because I'm not ever gonna make enough to go around. 

Appreciate everyone being patient with me…working hard here, it just takes time

Lots of commissions in the works as usual. Hit me up if you have questions or concerns.


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