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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Other Things I Waste Time Doing!

One of my favorite shows started its 27th season yesterday, Survivor — and so far it's actually pretty intriguing. After 27 seasons you'd think it might be hard to bring anything new or different to the game but by bringing back 10 returning players and pairing them with a loved one has created an entirely new dynamic to the game. The returning players are all on 1 tribe and their loved ones are on the other tribe so they are playing against one another. At the onset I saw this as an interesting dynamic once the tribes merged, but something I didn't anticipate is people weighing their vote by the actions and play of their loved one during challenges. The first person voted out was done so because her uncle on the other tribe was a sore winner during the first challenge. And all the men on the newcomers tribe have formed an alliance and if they can maintain it to the merge it bodes well for their female veteran counterparts. But what to do once they merge? You cannot have a 10 person alliance. Needless to say the social game continues to be the more interesting and the hardest factor in the game to figure out.

I am also playing fantasy football for the first time in 10 years. The last time I played I drafted Anquan Boldin and Andre Johnson as rookies if that says anything. So far I am 1 and 1, and should have won week 2 if the 49ers had not run into the Seahawks...sheesh. So While I am constantly working on toys I watch alot of tv. Just about every other good or bad show on tv I watch albeit complete shit like real housewives, the bachelor, the Voice, American Idol, X-Factor or any reality show that has to do with kids, hoarding or wife swapping. Things I do like are almost anything on the Food Network, Sci-Fi, Spike, I check out most new shows on standard networks, and then I've been watching all the new and past seasons on Showtime and HBO — Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Girls, Homeland and The Newsroom. And then of course Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Always Sunny, The League, Archer, and I love Workaholics and Doctor Who. So as you can see...I watch a ton of tv, and movies. It's something easy to do while working and I prefer that over music.

I got a big commission for 2 Mega Munny's that has a real right deadline so I will be starting those very soon. I'm about to finish the Mini-Munny Kit Fisto, done sculpting the Bot Rocketeer, Still painting Duny Medusa, 8" Dunny Kraken, a Jaws I've been working on for like 3 years, about to start 2 Paws, still have 3A to do and a ton of other things to do. If I did not mention you fear not, I have a long list with all of you on it. I promise.

And if you want to see updates and process pics, the best place is on Instagram — @Nikejerk.

Thanks guys.

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