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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kidrobot Boulder

As you know, as 1 of maybe 20 people that read my blog, Amanda and I spent the weekend in Colorado. As you also know we were there to visit Kidrobot Boulder to see my piece in the 1 Year Anniversary show for Kidrobot Boulder, and maybe while we're there I might have a chance to speak to someone about The Headless Horseman. Everything about the trip was a success if you ask me. First of all there were no travel problems other than the huge ass Phish concert that was in Colorado this weekend too which made getting our rental car take much longer than it should have. We went directly to Kidrobot from the rental car place at the Denver airport so that I could meet up with the store manager before the party and she could not have been nicer. She introduced us to all the KR employees that were there, let us take picture of some of the toys before there were big crowds and all in all gave us a great initial welcome to Boulder. The store itself is in an open walking mall type retail plaza. It's just like a regular indoor mall would be, with stores on both sides, seating, art, and all kinds of things in between the stores, but there is no roof. It's a very cool space with stores and restaurants all mingled in with each other.

And though they are not connected, the corporate offices are essentially right above the retail space. This sweet neon light is in the window of the corporate office.

There were a ton of people at the party and I got to meet a couple other artists from the show and from the area and was very impressed with their work. You should look up

Mike Fudge.

84 Pages

And I talked to Mind of the Masons who was not in this show but has shown at all the KR stores so his work is awesome too.

Kevin Gosselins  original Dead Kozik bust is on display at the store as well. It was up high, but it is sweet!!!

It was a pretty great night, free drinks, music, talking to a bunch of different people about art and toys, what more could someone ask for. 

The next day was Sat and Amanda and I basically had the day free and we decided to do a little hiking and went to the Eldorado Canyon State Park. There wet crazy rock facings where there were a ton of people rock climbing. I use to do alot of climbing but NOTHING like this. They were so high up you could barely see them. The water was beautiful, the sun was shining, it was a great morning.

 You can see climbers in this pic.

And then we drove to the Flatirons, but we were too tired to get much closer than this. The Flatirons are those huge angled slabs.

And then one of the coolest things that we did was after hiking we went back to the Pearl St Mall, ate some deep dish pizza, drank some more beers, and after she made a few phone calls, the KR manager Ana was given permission to give us a tour of the Kidrobot corporate office while they were closed. It's like a toy nerd paradise. Toys on every single desk, great artwork from many of the artists they work with, all kinds of fun stuff and just seeing the work environment was fantastic. Amanda and I are very grateful to be given the opportunity to see all that so thank you Ana! And of course we did not take any pictures... some things are meant for the imagination.

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