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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


As you can see I finally have a complete resin version of Skerpent. Pictured here is a slightly Metallic glow red. It doesn't glow that vibrantly and is a bit uneven but I think it still looks cool. AND...the base isn't quite as perfect as I want so it probably won't be sold as a final piece. These near misses might be up for sale for customs if anyone shows interest. Despite the hiccups here and there with the casting I am ecstatic with how things are coming along. The mold came out exactly like the master and I was admittedly a bit worried that I wasn't going to be able to capture all the fine points and details... but all is looking good!

So if you've been following along the process you've seen him take shape and really think it is a unique and striking figure. This whole time I've been planning on taking a few to comic con and maybe even doing an online drop of a few of them before hand but I've been thinking that I am gonna do a small pre-order of the Skerpent so that anyone that already knows they're interested can pick the colors they want as opposed to picking the one I've already made that they like the best. SOOOOO, if you know you want one email me at jared.cain at gmail, we'll talk over what you want and you're in. Cost is $235 shipped, more for international orders. It's gonna come in a box but the box will be fairly simple in comparison to what I normally do. I'd prefer these guys arrive safe over the box being pretty.

If you follow me on IG @Nikejerk then you've seen the various colors that I've already pulled so you might have an idea of what you can get but basically I can do any color you can imagine in transparent, metallic, glow in the dark, you can do the marbling with a lighter solid color or metallic and a darker swirl, just plain clear, solid white, I even have a porcelain powder that can be added to white resin to give it that shiny porcelain look. I plan on adding painted details to each one: eyes, teeth, facial features, and other small accents here and there If you're familiar with my work then you should know what to expect.

So, if you want to get the exact Skerpent you desire, now's your chance. I'm only going to make around 10 Skerpents TOTAL for now, including these, so don't sleep. My very first resin figure — hopefully the first of many awesome toys and figures!

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