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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Stuff

I dropped the first Flight Mutation on Saturday last week. It didn't sell right away but it was gone in about 15 minutes. I should be doing at least 2 more variations and then that is it for the Flight Mutations.

And this is a project that I have been working on for months and has been on my desk for over a year. When you've got so much to do things start to back up and this was no simple project. It is a mash-up figure with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. The original figure that was provided to me was the resin Thor figure produced by Plastic Booty Toys:

I didn't think the head offered much in terms of design especially since this was going to be a mashup figure and not a straight up Thor figure so I proposed we chop off the original head and make a brand new one that was articulated. I also proposed that we give him an interchangeable arm. I felt his left arm was perfect to depict Iron Man but didn't offer much in terms of Captain America so I chopped that arm off too but made it so it could be reattached using magnets and sculpted a 2nd arm from scratch to match the right arm that would be able to hold Caps shield. All in all there were all kinds of modifications that I had to do to get everything to stay on and to get the figure just to stand up because of the added weight distribution. Once I finished the figure I designed constructed and created a custom box that would house the figure and all his accessories AND I designed and produced an accordion process book that gave a little insight into how I did things and showed about 2 dozen pictures that were taken along the way. From start to end this is one of the most comprehensive custom pieces that I have ever done. It has a ton of my style and personality in it but the idea and direction was provided by the collector so it truly is a collaborative effort. Though it took forever these are the type of projects that I love...because I love a good challenge. 

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