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Thursday, January 10, 2013

HH Prints

I know of the 6 people that actually follow my blog probably follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter so you probably saw my wip pics of me printing last night so you know the Horseman prints are on the way... and they look great. I forgot how much work it is to change colors in the middle of a print run without cleaning off the previous color first. It gives you some interesting variations in color but also makes a giant mess. I got 4 of the 7 colors done last night and I'm exhausted today. I've got a blister on my left hand and my legs are killing me. Can't tell if I'm getting old or if I'm getting soft. Or maybe printing is tiring. I guess it doesn't help that last night was the earliest I've gone to bed all week and I laid down at 2AM. I ended up printing more than was ordered SO everyone that was in on the pre-order will get a print whose colors match the original design and none of those will be available to any one else. Also, your prints will be separately numbered, and the remaining prints will be sold for a price slightly higher than what you paid. I also plan on getting some small packets together to send to various important people to help advance the production of the Horseman.

I'm finishing up a heavy project that went a bit long from Christmas and once that is finished I will be working on a handful of 3" Dunny commissions that are long overdue as well as my piece for the Artists Without Borders show next month, my Dudes for the Creepy Crawlers series and a handful of other things all at the same time. My days are already slipping away and I have 7 months to finish all my commissions so I can go to Comic Con!

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