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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Everybody Run

I'm working on a new Gig poster for a show this Friday for a band named Everybody Run. It's a local band here in Atlanta and I met these guys through working my trivia show...which is the same spot I did all those posters for over the last 6 months. For anyone that is familiar this is a blatant homage to the very familiar Banksy image aptly titled "Letting Go" but instead of a young girl and a balloon it's a woman...Amanda posed for me... and the skull featured in the bands name. I was provided the bands logo...well, I scanned it off the EP.

This will be a 3 color run of about 30.

Gray, yellow, black.

Still working out the exact details of the typography but I'm liking this so far.

I am going to take the vector drawing into photoshop and make the edges a bit fuzzy as if there were some underspray considering this is intended to look like a stencil on the cement wall. There are a few spots where I already did it and it looks great so I'm gonna beef up that effect prob another 25% throughout the image.

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