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Friday, December 14, 2012

Alot to Do

Here is the finished poster from last week and if I say so myself I am getting pretty good at printing. This came out near perfect and for once Amanda came to help as the time was just slipping away.
I desperately need a drying rack of some kind so without one I just lay them out on the floor to dry so Amanda would take them as I printed and lined them up on the floor. And she posed for the picture that I used to make the drawing for the poster itself...so that is my wife! So cute.

Here is the screen for the black layer.

I've been working on the Jesse and Walt Dunny's and they are close to being done. The sculpting is done and I'm probably about 50% done with the painting. Since this is a holiday gift I decided to do a little extra for the piece so as usual I'm gonna make a custom box but I'm also going to make some custom Breaking Bad wrapping paper... probably white paper with light blue periodic table symbols all over it real small so they almost look like snow flakes. The whole thing needs to be done by the end of the weekend as I have another pretty large project that I need to finish and ship by Christmas. 

This Breaking Bad gift box and wrapping is really something that shows the added effort that goes into most of my projects. It also spurned a brainstorm for a future series — The Periodic Table Dunny's. I'm thinking 10 or so of the most colorful elements — considering many of them are just Gray — Illustrating the actual element on the figure and putting the symbol on the face. I actually love this idea, Thanks Chris. It would be fairly simple and a more painterly execution than most people are used to seeing from me. Let me know what you think of this idea. 

And finally...more pictures of my cat. I know, I'm pathetic. But he is adorable and really bad at the same time. This is Ripley, and yes he is totally named after Ellen Ripley from my favorite Sci-Fi films of all time— Alien.

I'm not going anywhere for Christmas because of work but Amanda is visiting our family so I'll be alone for 4 days and am gonna lock myself in my apt and make customs non-stop. On deck are a bunch more 3" Dunny's, some mini Munny's, and I SO need to finish this Jaws that has been on my desk for more than 2 years. Man I suck.

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