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Monday, July 9, 2012

Last Week before the Wedding and Comic Con

So comic con starts on Wednesday and I leave for my wedding on Friday and I'm just about finished with everything I need to finish. The Cyberman box suit is so close to being complete but I need an hour or 2 more tonight to completely finish everything then I need to break him down flat and ship to Geoffs hotel in San Diego. Same with the N3rd Link t-shirts... they're just about done, but I have to print the Link sleeve print and the web address on the back on all of them and then ship to San Diego for John and the rest of the N3rd Link crew. There was another Jacks show this past Sat and I somehow found a few hours Saturday to design a quick 2 color print and produce it. It turned out pretty sweet and I'll get a pic up of that at lunch. Despite having a ton of work to do Amanda convinced me to take a break and go see Savages Saturday night. Let me tell you, I dropped off the posters at Jacks and we had 25 minutes til the movie started. We got there with 10 minutes to spare and I thought we were good until we got to the ticket booth and there were 75 people in line. I thought we were screwed...EXCEPT, I ordered our tickets online and we squeezed past everyone and walked up to the customer service desk, showed them our confirmation number and got our tickets right away...bypassing the gigantic line. It was awesome! And the movie was awesome... although I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Blake Lively's boob or 2...but it never came. Still a really great film. Lots of drama, action, violence, and beautiful California scenery. Won my soccer game Sunday morning. Goddamn is it hot here, then Amanda dragged me out to get a bunch of stuff for our trip. Though she did buy me a new set of head phones — Studios from beats by Dre — they rule and I really wanted a new pair of really nice head phones for the plane and for work. They were my wedding present.

So this week I need to start and finish our cake toppers which are gonna be Tofu Dunny's painted like our box hero characters — Thor and Scarlet Witch, and the place card holder Dunny's which are gonna be generically painted green Dunny's with some floral sprays on them like our invitations. So I have 4 days to finish all that. Never enough time.

I'll have more pics up in a bit but here's one of the nearly complete Cyberman and a before pic of him blank.

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