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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm still here

I haven't posted in almost a year. I am still living with my wife in my wife's sisters house so I do not really have a permanent space to work in yet. I am still getting work completed but pretty slowly. In the summer it was too hot outside, and now it's too cold, so I'm adjusting to those obstacles. In addition to my standard fare with customs, I have also been messing around with custom Lego builds, AND I am finally writing the screen play I've been talking about for years loosely based on my life and my obsession with the TV show Seinfeld.

During my research today, which consisted mostly of watching Seinfeld, I realized that the episodes on the original DVD's sets are not in the order in which they aired, but in the order in which they were produced. I was comparing the episodes list on Wikipedia to the episodes on the DVD's and they are not in the same order. For the most part that doesn't matter, but there are a few inconsistencies during season 3 as episodes aired that were filmed during season 2.

And who am I to think I can write a screen play? I ordered a book on how to structure it with headings and whatnot so at least it will look the part? But it's really the ideas that I think are gold, or else I wouldn't waste my time. I feel like I watch a ton of tv, seen a ton of movies, read a fair amount of books, and so far the plot is super original AND in the end will be a love letter to the show. After I started writing it, and things shifted a bit to make more sense, I realized my story is a bit like the film Adaptation... only in that reality and a dreamlike state become blurred or intertwined much like Adaptation did near the end of the movie. At this point in history it is nearly impossible to make something creative that doesn't seem derivative to someone, all you can do is try and be aware of as much as you can and hope your unique life experience can help you craft something totally original.

I've only begun the writing so I don't want to reveal too much about it just yet, but if you want to know more email me and we'll chat.

If you follow me on IG you might have seen I'm working on some unique skull head Dunny's right now. Amanda and I are going to Mardi Gras for the first time in 2 weeks with some friends who are from there, so I'm working on our Dia De Los Muertos costumes and I'm going to make 3 original sugar skull dunny's. I know they've been done to death but I think the original head sculpts are perfect for this. All commissions still in line. If you have any questions, just email me. I will always answer.


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